Po Box 957 Waterford, PA 16441

We are an organization committed to developing the Erie County area into a better place to enjoy winter recreation activities. Our goal is to promote the sport of snowmobiling in and around the area. We invite anyone with a passion for outdoor activities and a dedication to bettering the sport to come join us. The purpose of this Club is to promote, protect, and represent snowmobiling in a positive, safe manner. We bring people together who have a common interests and enjoy snowmobiling. Our volunteer members are always looking for additional help to make our club better! All PISC members are also members of ECSA - the Erie Crawford snowmobile Alliance. ECSA works with area snowmobile clubs to coordinate trails and activities in Pennsylvania. Here are links to neighboring clubs for more info..


Meet the Board

President- Daryl Busch
Vice President- Randy Biebel
Treasurer- Judi Roberts
Secretary- Joy Biebel
Financial Secretary/Membership Coordinator- Denise Busch
Board Members

Sid Schaefer - Trail Boss

Lance Scott 2021-2024

Lenny Kowalski 2023-2026

Steve Sanford 2022-2025

Joe Orengia 2023-2026

Jerry Nowakowski 2021-2024

Dick West 2023-2026

Jeff Rosthauser 2021-2024

Jim Dauer 2022-2025

Sean Miller 2022-2025